Order of Parades 2025


Order of Parades 2025


The Sambódromo is located in the region known as the cradle of samba. It starts at Avenida Presidente Vargas, near Praça Quinze and ends at Rua Frei Caneca. The large square at the end of the avenue is crowned by an immense and memorable concrete arch, called Praça da Apoteose. The avenue was named Professor Darcy Ribeiro, considering that he was the one who idealized the parades in a fixed structure, as previously the structures were set up for the event. It is a walkway approximately 700 meters long.

How to get to the Sambódromo

As a suggestion for your arrival at the Sambódromo to be in the best possible way and also safer, we offer a Transfer Service from the Sambódromo. Check our prices. You can also arrive by metro, bus or simply by taking a taxi. Remember that these means of transport will leave you at a distance from the Sambadrome which will require some walking time. There is no connection between the even and odd sides. Your route to the Sambadrome will depend on your sector.

How to dress

Use whatever you prefer. There are no rules or norms regarding what to wear for the Samba parade (remember that people in Rio wear casual clothes even to go to more sober events). Celebrities and anonymous illustrators occupying the friezes tend to produce a little more. In the stands, the rule is to be as informal as possible. Wear very light clothes, as it is usually warm all night, but choose to use dark colors so that they are not visibly very dirty. A raincoat is not a bad idea, as the possibility of a summer rain should be considered.

When I Arrive

As portas abrem às 18h30. Algumas pessoas que não possuem ingressos para lugares numerados costumam chegar cedo para garantir os melhores lugares. A abertura dos desfiles é feita pelo Rei Momo, que atravessa a avenida saudando os espectadores. Em média uma pessoa assiste a um numero que varia de 3 a 5 escolas de samba. Assim, chegando por volta das 21:30h você chegara no momento em que a festa terá atingido o seu auge. Se você possuir um ingresso de arquibancada, sem lugar marcado e está saudável o suficiente para a maratona de 12 horas, chegue cedo e sente-se onde quiser.

What to take

Be prepared for the fact that only sandwiches will be available at the Sambadrome. You can also take plastic containers with drinks and some foods, such as sandwiches and fruits. Styrofoam, bottles, glass and fireworks are prohibited. Umbrellas are not a good idea, as they can easily disrupt the view of whoever is behind you watching the parades. As the parade is very long and lasts until dawn, some people bring small cushions to sit and watch the show more comfortably.

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